Montag, 30. Juni 2008

Hello Visitor from Coeur D'Alene/Idaho

Sometimes I notice that there is a visitor from Coeur D'Alene/Idaho.
This is a message for you!
I'd like to get in touch with you because I visited your hometown in my last summervacation for a short stop, just driving through on our way to Spokane . Please leave a comment if you want to so I can contact you.


jessicasews hat gesagt…


Loved your email! What a surprise!

I am so glad you and family got to travel through the Pacific Northwest - there are so many pretty areas to see!
Well, now when you visit my little blog, some of the pictures will look familiar to you!
I sure enjoy you all at Quiltfriends! Everyone is so talented and so friendly.
Your blog is wonderful! You'll see me visiting often!
Lots of Hugs to you and family!
~ Jes

jessicasews hat gesagt…


Got your email - what a wonderful
I'm so glad you got to visit this area!
I will visit your blog often - it's wonderful.
Yes, let's keep in touch!
~ Jes

(I hope I am able to post this!)

jessicasews hat gesagt…

Hello Heiki! Today is the 4th of July! We are celebrating with neighbors and friends. I'll add pictures to my blog tonight.
It's a pretty day, we've got clouds, it's cool and the deer are coming off the hill to eat my flowers!!!
Hope you are having a
wonderful day!

~ Jes

Heike hat gesagt…
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Heike hat gesagt…

Hi Jes,
I know the 4Th of July well. I've got some american calendars that remember me at all those days. On the 1st of July it was Canada Day.
That are the days when I always think of you guys in the States and Canada!
I saw the deer, how funny. In my garden are only some toads, bees,cats, ants, butterflies and lots of blackbirds and a few sparrows. Shall I say 'Thank You', oh yes I shall because of all my flowers.
Have a nice weekend, Jes. We have a lot to do in our house this weekend. My husband is in his basement and is working at the electricity.(Is the preposition right, I've got always problems?)
A big hug