Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Kohlmeisen - Feinling --- Great Tit - Stitchling

The early bird catches the worm, yes, this is the last Stitchling from the swap at the Anne Lange Forum. The subject is 'Birds'. I have to ship it in November but my new job doesn't give me enough time and repose so I took this long weekend around the 3rd Oktober (21 years of reunion) to stitch this great tit. I can't wait until the winter time, when lots of great tits are sitting in front of my kitchen window picking sunflower seeds.
The pattern is from the magazine Broderie Creative. 

Der frühe Vogel kann mich mal.... dies ist der letzte Feinling aus dem Tausch im Anne Lange Forum, das gewünschte Thema ist VÖGEL. Das Muster ist aus der Broderie Creative.