Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Bowls with Borders Blog-Hop

Shall I stack one more? Or do they tumble?
15 is enough!!!

I love it little bitty. This was the first one.

Quilting makes the Bowls (Quilt)

I'm a little bit late 'cause our plane from London to Hamburg with Lufthansa was leaking oil so they canceled the flight.
We stucked for a few hours at London airport and took a flight with British Airways. I was so tired on the flight and felt asleep every quarter hour. We came home very lately but my sleep was deeply and very long.
(Thank You everybody who cares, I#m sorry about that, but that's the technic, You'll never know what happens, everything is good now.)
Now here they are, my bowls.
This has been such a fun to sew all these fabric bowls especially for me, as I'm working in a porcelain shop.
Thank You so much Regina for this lovely pattern and for the organisation a big Thank You  to Regina and Carol.
Sorry for did'nt show the other ones, please switch back.


Heleen Groot hat gesagt…

I love your bowls! There are a lot of them and the fabric is gorgeous! Sorry to hear of your travel trouble...Don't you hate waiting at airports?

Eulenpatch hat gesagt…

Hallo Heike,
willkommen zurück aus dem Urlaub.
Deine Schälchen gefallen mir sehr gut.
lg Monika

Quiltgirlie hat gesagt…

Bei so schönen Schüsseln lohnt sich auch einen Tag später noch der Besuch auf Deinem Blog.
LG, Britta

Sheila hat gesagt…

Your bowls are just lovely and so sorry you had that experience with the flight , at least it did not take off while it had those problems , I would rather be on the ground waiting than in the air wishing I was on the ground.Thanks so much for sharing your pretty bowls!

Gill hat gesagt…

Sorry to hear about your cancelled flight!
Your bowls are fabulous and worth waiting for!
Thank you!

Aliceart hat gesagt…

Pretty feminine bowls, I like them very much! Sorry for your troubles, hope you are recovering.

jatajomi hat gesagt…

Toller Bowls-Quilt, ich hatte deinen Beitrag schon vermisst!

Rebecca hat gesagt…

I love them both. The quilting is beautiful. Great fabric choices.

GittaS hat gesagt…

Wunderschön sind deine Schüsseln geworden.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog hat gesagt…

Super schön and yes the quilting makes the quilt, wunderschön!!!

Just Carol hat gesagt…

I am so glad to see your bowls--love them! The colors and quilting are beautiful. Your flight experience sounds like it definitely wasn't any fun. Thanks for hopping with us!

mariebars "art " hat gesagt…

Hallo Heike ,deine Stappelei defällt mir sehr gut .lg Marita

Madame Samm hat gesagt…

OHhh my dear, yours are beautiful...they would have been in the top 2 hands are very good..
sorry you had such trouble..but you are home now and that is terrific...already added you to our pinterest board...looks for the bowls on the side bar.
at it will take you to the board...

really beautiful...mdm samm

Pepe hat gesagt…

So beautiful! Where is teh pattern from?

Cathy hat gesagt…

Your bowls were worth the wait! Love them. Thank you.
Cathy R

CraftyDeb hat gesagt…

Wonderful bowls!! Sorry about the travel issues ;(

Elke hat gesagt…

Schön, dass du wieder gesund gelandet bist.
Deine "Hochstapelei" ist dir super gelungen. So schön gequiltet!!!
Liebe Grüße

Jans hat gesagt…

Ich finde the bowls with a border einen fantastischen quilt.
Ich móchte gerne ein pattern dafon haben.
Wo finde ich das?
Grusse from Holland, Janny Schoneveld

Heikesquilt hat gesagt…

Hallo Jans,
Du kannst das Muster bei Regina Grewe kaufen:

schreib Regina einfach an, sie hilft Dir gerne weiter.

Liebe Grüße